Educational Features

The school follows the philosophy of Indian culture and lays stress on Indian values and Ethos. Thus education at JP Academy is not restricted to “Covering of Syllabus” but aims at manifestation of perfection in the Child. Sincere and dedicated efforts are made for all round development. The class-room teaching are made enjoyable and inter-active where students are encouraged to ask questions. Innovations are part of teachers class-room transaction. We consider each child a winner and keeping this in view we move forward.

Subjects Offered

English, Hindi, Sanskrit, French, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounts, Economics, Business Study, Entrepreneur, Drawing, Computer Science, Informatic Practices, Physical education. Music, Craft, Yoga and so on. The new subjects introduced by CBSE and found useful and desirable by students too are added to the list as per demand.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Parents are periodically apprised of their children's performance and achievements. There is healthy dialogue between the teacher and the parent of each student. This often results in a change of methodology of teaching for each child. The aim is childs growth with collective and collaborative approach.


Syllabus followed is in accordance with norms laid down by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The printed syllabus is made available to the students of each class at the beginning of the Academic year. This is further divided into terms.

Shopping Complex

The complex consists of barber, tailor, cobbler, books and tuck shops. There are three canteens to cater to the need of student's refreshments. They are inspected off and on by the school supervisor for hygienic conditions. The canteens have oven to heat the eatables and refrigerators for soft drinks and ice-creams. The canteens have STD facilities too.


A modern multipurpose auditorium where two hundred students can sit at one time and participate in the seminar/ conferences etc. exists in theJP Campus. In addition to air-conditioning, it is also equipped with an ultra modern professional level light and sound system.